Wednesday, 19 October 2011

If I was in charge of our school...

If I was in charge of our school I would...

I would not only have whanau competitions but also class competitions.This would occur during lunchtimes or P.E sessions and students will have to wear P.E uniforms.These competitions would involve sports and challenges. This would be for year 9's only. It would be a great way for them to meet and bond with other students from others classes. Knowing other students from other classes would also be extremely helpful for year 9's when they become year 10's they could benefit from that because they will already know the students they are with already when they change classes every period which makes the start of the year easier and less stressful for them.

If I was in charge of our school I would add a swimming pool so that students could learn how to swim. Our school could then also be involved in swimming competitions with other schools. Our community could also benefit from our swimming pool during the summer or school holidays. It would be a positive feature for our school, but we would also need a lifeguard where senior students could apply for if they need a job.

If I was in charge of our school I would make the lunchtimes longer than 30 minutes so that the whanau and class competitions will be longer and students will have enough time to get back to class on time. Also so that students could do extra things during this time, especially seniors who would need it the most for exam preparations or their busy schedules.



  1. Good idea to have something that enables the Year 9's to get to know each other better as currently you see the same people in your classes and Year 10 is quite different for most people as all your classes have different people in them.
    I also like the idea that if we have a pool some of the seniors could have jobs as lifeguards :)

  2. These are really good ideas Elodie I like the idea on the pool it would be very useful :)