Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Book review :)

Charlaine Harris-Dead until dark

If you are really into those vampire books that are emphasised with mystery, unnatural happenings and murders or deaths then this book is right for you. Definately aimed at teenages -most likely girls- who will love the excitement of an intriguing vampire story that also comes with a serie.

When I first started to read this book, I thought that it was similar to Twilight in some ways. For example in this book the key subjects include vampires, a mindreader and a shapeshifter. Coincidentally the vampire falls in love with the girl and this girl happens to live in a small town, she keeps to herself and also doesn't get out much. Although it may seem a bit like Twilight, this story has a different twist on it. The vampire, Bill, is not the mindreader but the girl, Sookie, is. With chapters filled with complications and deaths, Sookie fears that she will be next.

It is a very exciting, well written, easy to read, and intriguing book that will send your heart racing and interest you to read the following book in the serie - written by Charlaine Harris.


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  1. Cool - this is what the TV show True Blood is based on, which I quite like :)