Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Reflection - Term one

2012 - Year 10 :D

This term went by so fast. It doesn't even feel like a proper term to me. I could describe this term in so many ways, with so many different words, but the main ones would be interesting and different. It was interesting because ever since primary school I've always been with the same people all year long and that's exactly why it's different too. It's really cool walking into a different classes with different people, in a different whanau each time, knowing that this class won't be the same as the previous one. I've also noticed that I have to be more independent. I have to be responsible for my things and my homework and stuff more than I was used to.

Again I really enjoy moving from class to class. Its cool to meet and talk to new/different people, getting to know them. It's been cool  catching up with the people that went to intermediate with me.  Most of my teachers are really nice and they make learning interesting and fun. I love it when I go to a class and know exactly what to expect, like knowing what I have to do and what I'm going to have to do, to get it done. But when its just a normal day I like going to my next class and the teacher says ''okay today we are learning... doing...'' like starting fresh, which have been some cases for this term.

Sometimes I have a lot of homework/assignments to do and I seem to do it every single night. I tend to delay my homework a lot. So, on that one week when everything is due I start to rush things or I postpone the time to a later one at night, when all the cool t.v shows are on which then distracts me. That would be a minus for me, I 've got to stop doing that. Next term I'm gonna aim to doing my homework straight away, right when I get home from school so that it doesn't seem like a growing load of washing been pushed aside, waiting for a more appropriate time to be dealt with.


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  1. Great reflection.
    I'm happy you're a happy chappy :)
    Have a great holiday!