Monday, 17 September 2012

Twilight: The Graphic Novel Volume #2

I have been waiting for this book to come out and only just found out a couple of weeks ago. Rutakau let me borrow it off her so that I could read it. I never got the time to finish it so this will be a good reason to. This book came out in October in the USA, I'm not sure about when it came out in NZ though.

The Twilight Graphic Novel is written by Stephenie Meyer and the art and adaptation by Young Kim.
The picture of Edward on the cover instantly reminds you that this book is the 2nd volume, to the Twilight Graphics Novel, for the picture is volume one's other half. The two would fit together just like puzzle exactly like Bella and Edward. The picture is of Bella and Edward in the meadow  laying on the grass staring at each other. The meadow where Edward took Bella to show her who he really is.

The book starts out at Bellas house, where Edward reveals that he's been coming to Bella's house every night without her knowing, just to watch her sleep. Edward then makes plans about inviting Bella to his house to meet his family for the first time, where Bella learns about their background. The second half is where all the bad stuff happens, we meet James, Victoria, and Laurent. James is a tracker, his new game and obsession becomes Bella and Edward does everything he can to protect her.

The book is mostly in black and white except for the bits where its explaining about Carlisle's past and history and eventually edward, Esme and Rosalie's rebirths. It goes on explaining about how Emmett, Alice and Jasper come to join them too. The pictures are shown in this bronze-y, red-ish colour. Like once you see them, its like going back in the past, which is what it's meant to do I guess, separating the past and present. The Animation is really cool, the characters look like what they were described as. Another coloured bit is when we get introduced to the James, Victoria and Laurent, where we see a close up of their red eyes, showing us that they are not like the Cullens.

I recommend this book to any Twilight Fans and to people who like comics, especially the ones who haven't read Twilight. Its pretty awesome. It doesn't take you long to read either, its good if you just want a basic but good idea of what happens in Twilight :-)


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