Monday, 12 November 2012

Attitude presentation :)

On Friday the 9th of November Jordan from Attitude came to make a presentation to us, the year 10's. Jordan's job was to explain to us the positive and negative things technology can have on the society, especially on an individuals life. Jordan differnately gave us a lot to think about. He gave us multiple examples of how the internet or cell phones can destroy or change lives forever.  Jordans presentation was really inspiring yet funny and entertaining. He put across the message that he wanted us to know in a way that we can relate to, showing us videos, telling us stories, and relating it back to his own experiences as well. He gave us multiple examples of how the internet or cell phones can destroy or change lives forever. He told us that whatever we do at this age, whatever we send, say or text can make a big impact on our lives in the future because bad decisions can cause a lot of damage but not just on ourselves but to people around us aswell. His message came across in a funny way, just enough for us not get bored, but in a serious way that his message was being heard.

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