Tuesday, 27 September 2011

2nd Review Writing - Amazing Race (australia)

Amazing Race Australia.

Today's episode of Amazing Race Australia was hilarious. The teams were heading for a challenge and a heap of hard work in South Africa.  First of all Richard and Joey got stuck in the mud, he hammered his thumb and to top it all off they got U-turned by Nathan & Tyler. I felt sorry for them considering that everyone hates them.

The farmers got stopped by the cops for speeding. Meanwhile the team that was always behind; Mos & Mo finally built their feeding giraffe thing. As the teams encounted their next obstacle, they looked like they were all having fun bungee jumping from the highest bridge in the world! I thought that Sam & Renae had the best teamwork. They worked well together and completed the tasks and challenges cleverly.

As the race went on, Nathan & Tyler were speeding towards the mat against the farmers. Unfortunately for Nathan & Tyler, the farmers were named the first team to arrive. Alana & Mel were so funny and clueless throughout the whole thing. Eventually they were the seventh team to arrive. At the last minute it came down to Richard & Joey and Mos & Mo. Luck was on Mos & Mo's side, unlike Richard & Joey's. They ended up being the last team to arrive. Overall it was a very entertaining episode of Amazing Race Australia (:


- Alison(:


  1. I like your first review better, this one seems to be more of a plot summary. Go back and edit it - some of the names need capitals.
    Good to see you got both reviews done :)

  2. Good stuff. I went to Australia these holidays and saw an Amazing Race with different people on their T.V., so you probably have another season to look forward to!