Monday, 26 September 2011

Review writing - Twilight the graphic novel volume 1 (:

Twilight The Graphic Novel Volume 1.

This book is written by Stephenie Meyer with the help of Young Kim who illustrated the art and done the adaptation. The graphic novel;Twilight is a hard covered comic book, great for Twilight lovers who are not bothered to read the actual book and specially for the ones that like pictures.

The front cover tells it all. You can tell by looking at it that the book will be awesome without even opening it. Once inside its a whole new world with Edward Cullen and his familly. Soon enough Bella will discover her love for Edward and what he really is. She will know and understand that her place in the world is now with him.

Volume 1 is a summary of the special events that has happened in the first half of Twilight e.g the Car crash, meeting Jacob, seeing what edward looks like in the sun and lots more. Its a great way of retelling the story. Easy to read and understand which is good for young Twilight fans. It is fast to read and if you ask me the illustrations can't get any better .I think that Stephenie Meyer and Young Kim did a fantastic job. I just hope that volume 2 is just as amazing(:

Click on the link to see Stephenie meyer's website.

- Alison(:

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  1. Good stuff. Some punctuation and grammatical errors - see if you can spot them and fix them up :)