Monday, 7 November 2011

Christmas :-)

Christmas is a holiday celebrated every year on the 25th of December. This day is a public holiday all around the world and here in New Zealand every single shop or shopping centre will be closed.

Christmas is celebrated by everyone, aside from the Church of Armenia. It is celebrated in so many different ways world wide. Although they are all very common traditions, e.g; Christmas trees being lighted up and decorated, hanging of wreaths, Christmas stockings, Candy Canes, Christmas cards, Christmas carols sung, Story telling about important figures, exchanging of presents, fasting and/or attending special religious mass'.We celebrate Christmas because it is believed to be the day that Jesus Christ was born with alternative days of January 6, 7, and 19. Historians place his birth between the time of 7BC and 2BC. Although we all have our own beliefs, nobody actually knows the exact birthday of Jesus.

Being a catholic and all, on Christmas day or on Christmas eve, our family goes to church. We remember about how the virgin Mary, assisted by her husband Joseph, conceived Jesus in Bethlehem. As a tradition that we all know, we too decorate a christmas tree, whether real or artificial. We place an angel or star at the very top. This represents the angels or stars on the day Jesus was born.

So every little kid knows that they have to be good all year long to be able to receive a gift from Santa Claus. When I was younger I too believed in those tales. My parents would tell me that on Christmas Eve Santa Claus would come to deliever a gift for me and my brother if we were a good boy and girl. Being young and naive like that seems really stupid now. I remember my brother telling me where our presents were hidden. Plus I'm sure the tales said that Santa Clause came in through a cheminey, which we didn't have. I wonder how my parents would have explained that...

Santa Claus or Father Christmas lives at the North Pole with magical elves, the reindeers; dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolf, and of course Mrs Claus.The elves help Santa make the toys to be delived by a flying sleigh pulled by the reindeers, to the good kids on Christmas Eve, according to a tradition which can be traced back to the 1820's.

Christmas is a joyful, traditional holiday that you spend with your loved ones. Merry Christmas everyone:)




  1. Haha - the part about the chimney is quite funny!
    Nice piece of writing - it has a friendly tone to it and is informative.
    I'm looking forward to Christmas :)

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  3. Thanks Miss Kelly, and yeah I can't waaaaaaaaaaait! Christmas is the best :D