Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Creative Writing - 5554

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out to see a familiar name appear on my screen. It read ''Emma''. I smiled to myself. Emma had been my girlfriend before we moved to Australia. She was beautiful with long, light, brown hair, and light greenish eyes. We had to break up because our long distance relationship wasn't working out. This was around 2 years ago. I haven't seen Emma for a long time and I have to admit that I do still feel the same way about her.

 ''Hey Chris, Im hoping to see you later. I hope you can make it.'' ''Yeah, me too.'' I said to myself. Earlier on, I got invited to a pool party at my best friends house. His name's Travis. I really wanted to go but I'm supposed to be on break and being a famous pop star and all doesn't really help. Three years ago Emma forced me to post one of my songs online and three and a half months later I got a call from a music producer.

The last two years of my life has been awesome. I released an album and I was working on my next one just before the holidays started. That's when my parents decided it was time to take a break to visit our friends and family. So now we're back here, supposedly on a break but that's not the case. I have fans following me everytime I step out of this house. Not that I don't love my fans, I wouldn't be here, so successful, without them. I guess that I am mad because the party starts in an hour and I don't know how to get out of here unseen.


Its been half an hour and I am ready to rock and roll. It was a clear night with a new moon. Ben, a close friend was coming to pick me up. When he got here, he parked as close to the front gate as possible. I snuck in the front seat trying to be inconspicuous. The party was on the other side of town, close to the forest. This party meant a lot to me because I haven't seen my friends in a long time. It will feel like old times partying with them again. Plus I couldn't wait to see Emma. After all it was her that pushed me to pursue my singing career. I owed her everything.

When we finally got there, there was a huge crowd outside. Looks like some people found out I was coming. ''WOW'' was all I could say, but luckily I spotted Travis before we reached the gate. He was standing at the forest edge, motioning me to come out. Ben parked the car and got out too. It was weird though Ben didn't walk beside me, he walked behind me. Travis didn't look behind as he led us into the forest. Soon enough I saw a light ahead, then It smelled like burned wood. It was Bonn fire. Emma was there with all my old friends. She stood up and came up to me. She was wearing a huge smile on her face and I probably was too.

I chatted to everyone for a while then some of us went to the party. The party looked awesome. There were people dancing to the loud music, others jumping and splashing in the pool and even some staring at me like their eyes would soon fall out. I spent most of the night there until Emma wanted to go for a walk to catch up properly. We walked slowly through the forest when Emma tripped over something. I caught her just in time before she fell. I took out my phone to get some light.

I shined it over the thing she tripped over. It looked like a leg. Emma and I gasped at the same time. Emma ran back to the party. I was freaked out. A moment passed, I then looked closer and I realised it was Travis. Suddenly I heard foot steps behind me. I turned around and I saw Ben walking behind Emma, his arm stuck to her back. Emma's expression probably mirrored mine.

Her eyes were so round and big, and her mouth was opened a little. Ben's face was plain and simply hard. He was ready but we weren't.


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  1. There's an error in the first line. Tsk Tsk. Go back and re-read then edit the mistakes :)

    Cliff hanger ending there! Interesting story.