Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My holiday :)

During the second weekend of the holidays, me, my dad and brother took a plane to Hong Kong,China for a stay of 2 days. We visited the surrounding places, ate Chinese food, bought things made in China, while in CHINA :) We even had the chance to spend a day in Disneyland.

The following week, my brother and I took a plane to Mauritius. So Mauritius is a tropical Island located in the south-west of the Indian Ocean. It is an independent country and was the home of the Dodo bird. Mauritius is a lot of fun, the beaches of Mauritius are blue, with white sand and also most of the time in summer the temperature is up to 30 degrees. Not only that but also, me and my brother hadn't been back home since 2006 and we felt a bit homesick.

We spent Christmas eve with my mums side of the family and Christmas day with my dads. That was the first day seeing all my extended family. It was amazing to see how all my cousins have all grown up and matured over just 5 years and also how much they haven't changed a bit! We spent New Years eve with my dads side this time and we had a big dinner and watched and set off our own fireworks. The next up coming weeks were just full, packed with fun that its just too much to explain! We did a lot of shopping and we went to the beach a lot too. Oh and don't get me started on all the delicious foods we ate!

I will always descibe my holiday as the bestest holiday ever! It was great to see and spend time with our family, friends and our home again. Doing something like this, I've learnt that there is so much more to the world and life, than just here and now.


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  1. Lucky!!!
    I stayed in Auckland and it rained.
    Looks like you had a lot of fireworks on New Years Eve!
    2 things - you should actually say 'My brother and I' not me and my brother. And, can you edit your template and make the comment text a different colour - you need to go into the advanced settings, I can show you at school if you like.