Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Collaborative Story :)

This story carries on from Alexis click here to check the beginning.

I think they have me confused with the other me. Well this should be interesting...

... because on top of everything else I don't even have a license. This day should be marked as the worse day of my life, yet. The machine connected to the old man in the back is making a beeping sound. About half a dozen police cars are chasing me now. Oh man! I don't want to be arrested for the murder of that old man too. I am freaking out. What am I doing? Then something pops into my head, I remember what happened. It was her. My twin. I think that she may be evil, like the total opposite of me. Probably more organised too, and good at fooling people 'cause she fooled me. The gun must have injected some kind of poison or drug into me to forget what had happened.

It all happened at that marathon. I heard a gun shot, thinking that it was for the runners in the marathon, a sign for them to start runnning but then I realised that it was coming from behind me. As I search the crowd for something suspicous, the people around me start to scream and run in the opposite direction. I keep going forwards, towards the gun shot that I heard and I see her. She's holding a gun in her hand and she shoots again, aiming straight for the heart. Bad choice I thought. She sees me coming and quickly throws the gun at me. I'm stupid enough to catch it as she winks at me, I stare after her in horror. Bewildered and shocked, I throw the gun to the ground. From the corner of my eye I see cops running through the crowd. Ohh crap! I can't be arrested in this place, who will come to bail me out? Nobody, then I'll be stuck in Manurewa wonderland forever.

No. Not going to happen....

This story will be carried on by ameleigh => this is her blog :)


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