Tuesday, 29 May 2012

3 Day Episode :)

In my 3 day episode the students will have the opportunities to make movies where they will act, direct, edit the whole thing themselves. I would call it film producing or something along those lines. The movie they create and produce are not allowed to be longer than 15 minutes.

Day one is the planning day. The students will get in a group of at least 3 and a maximum of 6. They will plan out their movie and plan out who's doing what. If they finish planning  then they may start filming anywhere around the school. If the students want to get out of the school to do their filming they must inform the teacher in charge. The teacher will need to prepare letters to send home for the next day and one of the helping teachers can take them.

Day two is the main filming day. Students will do most or all of their filming on this day and if they finish they can start editing.

Day three is the finishing day. Students will need to finish their editing by the middle of the 2nd period so that they can present what they've done over the three days for the rest of the day.

The independent qualities that they will use and develop are: creativity because they will need to use their imaginations to come up with ideas for their movie.  Collaboration because the students will be working in groups and if they don't work together then nothing will get done. Enterprising because they will need to use their initiative,  take on a task with difficulty and act on opportunities to develop new ideas. Persevering considering that they need to be focused on what they are doing to have a good outcome. Also joyful because I want the students to enjoy themselves and have fun while learning.

New Skills that they will learn: How to edit footage and how to use video cameras.



  1. Hey, its your turn. Soz its up late i lost internet yesterday, i tried to tell u but nobody had your number. And sorry the story is really retarted.

  2. It's your turn to continue the story. Quickly. You're holding everyone else up.