Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Most Inspiring teacher

The most inspiring teacher for me would have to be Miss Cottee. She's probably one my best teachers this year because she is a very out going and fun person thats makes learning awesome for us. She challenges us in our learning, doing so in the most enjoyable ways.

Miss Cottee has an awesome personality that is probably the main factor to her being such a good teacher. She never fails to make us smile in class, even when its the end of the day and we just want to go home or we are just having a lame day. I always look forward to going to her class for I know that It'd be an enjoyable lesson where we actually learn heaps and because I know its gonna be fun and funny and cool etc...

She always tries to make learning different and cool for us so that its not boring. She helps us out when its needed, answering our questions, even when its not about the thing we are learning about specifically.

So yeah, that is why I think miss Cottee is the most inspiring teacher :)


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