Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Olympic Opinion

I think that more extreme/contemporary sports should be added to the Olympics, like surfing, because it is a popular summer sport. It’s a sport that both male and female can compete at and the things they can do are really impressive and entertaining. Personally I would love to see surfing at the Olympics. It looks like an awesome and fun summer sport. It looks like it could be an entertaining sport to watch on T.V.

It'd be fun to watch it since Surfing hasn't been part of the Olympics yet, probably because we would need technology like a high-quality wave pool for the surfers to have an equal and fair chance of winning. I read somewhere that it has been declined for the 2022 Olympics already, but I don't know if thats true. Hopefully in the near future we will see it at the Olympics and that technology has been developed a bit more. I know that I'd definitely be watching.

From what I've seen on the internet, I think that a lot of people would like to see surfing at the Olympics too and the competitive surfers out there would love to surf against other surfers from other countries as well. Its different having surfing at the Olympics along with heaps of other sports and people representing your country. Its a time where you can show the whole world your talent, represent your country and make them proud at the same time. Its a fun event that links the whole world together.

Surfing looks like a cool sport, I'd like to learn it but I'd suck at it... Hopefully it will become an Olympic sport. I know that I'd definitely be watching.



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  1. Good ideas and great to see you referenced your sources :)