Monday, 12 December 2011

Tips for year 8's for alfriston college next year

Alfriston College at first can be really intimidating, but if you know how to avoid all the things that can go wrong, then you'll be fine for your first year at Alfriston College.

Tip #1: Be yourself.
First of all you will find that if you try to be someone you're not or not letting your true self come out, you'll be miserable. Secondly you'll make friends a whole lot faster. Lastly its way easier than keeping up a pretence. You'll get along with people better if you follow these.

Tip #2: Don't be afraid to try new things.
This is what high school is all about. So if you are dying to join a sport or a club don't be afraid. You will see and find that its not as hard as you thought it was. If you're really into it and try your best, you'll probably end up enjoying it. You might even learn something new and definitely have loads of fun! Either way,  Im sure that you'll get something out of it :)

Tip #3: Never come to school late or worse, disorganised.
Being late to school is one thing, and it is not pleasant. To walk into class late isn't that hard, but, when it comes to facing the D.P's when signing in, well lets just say it is not worth it. Especially if you have to make up for the time during your lunch breaks. Not being organised for the days' learning is worse. School is made for learning and if you are not organised then you can't do what you came to school for. If you are disorganized for the day then that can hold you up for your learning. You won't know what information to put on your assessments or have any clue to what to write on up coming tests. Which leads to an imidiate fail or not achieved. I'm sure getting a not achieved will look bad, especially on your first year at High School.

So here it is, three simple tips to a great year of successful learning and great, fun times at A.C. Follow these and no doubt that your first year will be as smooth as butter :)


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