Tuesday, 22 May 2012

BNZ writing competition?

I unfolded the humid towel as my mum finished washing the last plate. I reached for it and wiped it dry. “Are you excited for your first day of school tomorrow?” “Hm, I guess so.” I replied. “Are you scared that you won’t make any friends?” “Mum, I am too good looking to not make any friends.” I joked around, but she totes knew I was right.

“Hi everyone my name is Ian” I said in my cheerful, fabulous voice. I wove my hand through my thick golden hair and squinted my brown eyes against the sun shining in my eyes from the back windows. I was standing in front of the whiteboard waiting for my queue to sit down. “Thank you Ian, you may now take a seat” I scanned the room looking for an empty seat before walking down the middle aisle where I caught the most beautiful eyes in the room. She was so checking me out I said to myself. I tried to play it cool by winking at her but then I tripped over a bag sitting in the middle of the room. The class roared with laughter as I pulled myself together and sat at an empty table at the back of the classroom. I could feel my face burning. What a terrible start to my first day at Oakmont high. Doesn't matter I said, they'll all see how cool I am in just a minute.

“Hey 'sup? I'm Peter,” Said the guy sitting next to me. “Sup, I'm Ian” I whispered. Peter looked like he played basketball. He was the tallest guy in this room. He had short black hair and this huge nose.  He had a medium built and was slightly tanned. ''Real smooth what you did just then'' he said in a cheeky voice. ''Ashley’s not exactly the nicest fish in the sea by the way, not exactly easy to get either.'' I watched her flip her long, wavy, light brown hair out of her face. Unfortunately nice and pretty don't always go together but that doesn't matter.

I smiled to myself. “Watch this then” I replied to Peter. I opened my book to the middle page and started writing.  On the front page I wrote: ‘Ashley.’ I scratched my head for a smooth pick up line. I smiled as an idea popped into my mind. I hoped that she would be able to understand my writing.  I wrote it down, then signed my name at the bottom and folded the pages in half showing Ashley’s name on top. I got out of my seat and crawled on the floor to the middle of the room where her desk was located in the class. I managed to put the note on the table but by the time I got back to my seat the whole class was staring at me. Dumbfounded like I was, the teacher confronted me about what I just did. I lied and said that my pen fell onto the floor.

Next thing I knew she was demanding Ashley for the note. It looked as if she gladly handed it over to her, but I could be wrong. The teacher opened the note and read it out loud for everyone to hear. “My love for you is like diarrhoea, I just can’t hold it in, wrote Ian.” She said in deep voice, a voice that was supposed to mimic mine. The class rumbled around me.  Every single pair of eyes in this room was now looking my way, I grinned widely, thinking that I had good luck for always looking this good, even in the worse cases ever. “Do you have an explanation for this Ian?” I shook my head from side to side. “This is not the best start ever Ian, I expect better behaviour than this. It is your first day here after all.”

My phone started vibrating in my pocket. ‘BEEP, BEEP, BEEP...’ it made. It went on and on like that. No one seemed to notice though. The teacher kept talking but I didn’t listen. I couldn’t keep my eyes from her big blue ones. I tried to go for the wink again. She made a grimace that seemed like a cute smile then turned away. “Okay detention for you at lunch Ian.” The class made an ‘ooooouuuuu’ sound. My ears felt hot then. “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP...”

I woke up startled as hell. It took me a minute to understand that I was dreaming. It was nearly 7 o’clock and my alarm was going off like crazy. I reached for my phone, turning it off. I then realised that today is my first day at Oakmont high and I hoped that It wouldn’t turn out like the dream I just had. Wow, I thought, am I really that much of a jerk?


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